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Brenda Swanson

Lifestyle Coach, Celebrity Stylist, Health Specialist

The All About You event I was involved in for 3 years was inspirational for women and helped me get recognition in a new market. I loved it!

Curtis Lyman

CEO Alpha Beta Gamma

Wealth Management

The corporate events we were involved in were amazing. Not only did my staff enjoy the team building, my family became totally involved as well.

Phil Arvidson

President Emeritus

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

Not only did this team get the job done promoting Pepsi at multiple events, they drew huge crowds, worked hard, and had fun doing it.

Darlene Gray

Corporate Trainer, Speaker,

Bridgestone Tires 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." Bridgestone was able to reach the female audience we were targeting in a fun innovative atmosphere.

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